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Iran Gifts

Get your Iran t shirts, coffee mugs and other gear! Do you have Iran in your blood? Do you have family member or friend who has pride for Persia? Well, we have lots and lots of Iranian products for you. And they make great gifts too! If Iran gear is not what you're looking for, visit the WardTog home page where you will find all of our products, including those featuring your country, state or city!

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Iran Politics Steer Nuclear Stance
Iran Politics Steer Nuclear Stance
BEIRUT—Domestic politics and a June election could make the difference in how Iran addresses its main dilemma of the coming year: whether to compromise on its nuclear program or maintain a policy of defiance. Iran is slated to elect a new president ...
Wall Street JournalTue, Jan. 01, 2013 8:08pm PST
Nuclear Talks With Iran: Time to Make an Offer
Nuclear Talks With Iran: Time to Make an Offer
To the Editor: Re “Another Try at Nuclear Negotiations” (editorial, Dec. 24): With President Obama's re-election, it is time to drop the pose of toughness and make a realistic nuclear offer to Iran. Only a negotiated settlement can both deter an ...
New York TimesTue, Jan. 01, 2013 3:20pm PST
John Sheardown dies; Canadian diplomat sheltered Americans in Iran hostage <b>...</b>
John Sheardown dies; Canadian diplomat sheltered Americans in Iran hostage ...
John Sheardown, an unflappable Canadian diplomat in Tehran during the Iran hostage crisis who helped shelter six American “house guests” until they were secretly shuttled out of the country, died Dec. 30 at a hospital in Ottawa. He was 88. He had ...
Washington PostTue, Jan. 01, 2013 6:46pm PST
To attack or to deter a nuclear Iran?
Both policies have been used against other nuclear programs and neither should be summarily rejected. The U.S., Israel, Iran and Iraq have launched preventive strikes to delay or destroy nuclear programs (Germany, Iraq, Iran, Syria) and the U.S. used ...
Salt Lake TribuneTue, Jan. 01, 2013 11:02pm PST
Iran Tests New Version of Missiles in Exercise
Iran Tests New Version of Missiles in Exercise
Iranian forces fired what military officers said was a new generation of surface-to-air missiles on Monday during a wide-ranging naval exercise that focused on striking hypothetical unmanned aircraft and vessels in international waters to the south of ...
New York TimesMon, Dec. 31, 2012 10:44am PST
The War Before the Last War - by Graeme Wood
I decided to start in the south, checking the conditions at the river border between Al Faw, Iraq, and the Arab province of Khuzestan, Iran. Al Faw is a tiny teardrop of land between Iran and Kuwait, and its northern border with Iran is the last few ...
Foreign Policy (blog)Tue, Jan. 01, 2013 7:29pm PST
Shirin Ebadi - Fast Facts
Shirin Ebadi - Fast Facts
(CNN) -- Here is a look at the life of Shirin Ebadi, the first Muslim woman to win the Nobel Peace Prize. Personal: Birth date: 1947. Birth place: Hamedan, Iran. Father: Muhammad Ali Ebadi, law professor and lawyer. Mother: Minu Yamini. Marriage: Javad ...
CNN InternationalTue, Jan. 01, 2013 5:29pm PST
8 deadly agents 'to bring US to its knees'
8 deadly agents 'to bring US to its knees'
Reza Kahlili served in CIA Directorate of Operations, as a spy in the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, counterterrorism expert; currently serves on the Task Force on National and Homeland Security, an advisory board authorized by Congress. He is the author ...
WND.comTue, Jan. 01, 2013 4:38pm PST
32.428° N, 53.688° E
Feb. 11, 1979
Flag Colors
Green, White, Red
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