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Made in Hong Kong Trucker Hat (Red)

Check out this "Made in Hong Kong" mesh hat on! Do you have pride for Hong Kong? How about a friend or family member who loves being from Hong Kong, Hong Kong? If that's the case, this "Made In..." hat may be just what you want! The hat features a weathered "Made in Hong Kong" in stencil-like red lettering surrounded by a red rounded rectangle.

If you like, you can customize this "Made in Hong Kong" hat with text and photos or buy it as is. This mesh hat should ship in 24 hours and there are no minimums to purchase. If you're interested, there are more Hong Kong hats and other Hong Kong "Made In..." gifts available.

Trucker Hat

  • 100% polyester foam front
  • Wide area to feature your design
  • 100% nylon mesh back keeps you cool
  • Adjustable from 17" to 24"
  • Available in 11 color combinations

Product Id: 148b5b5b8f0cd3f
Made on 12/26/2009 10:07pm