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Made in Monterrey Mugs (Black)

Check out this "Made in Monterrey" drinkware! Do you have friends or family members who have pride for Monterrey? Or better yet, do you represent for Monterrey, Mexico yourself? This "Made In..." drinkware is exactly what you want! The mug features a weathered "Made in Monterrey" in stencil-like black lettering surrounded by a black rounded rectangle.

You can customize this "Made in Monterrey" coffee mug with your own personal touch or just buy it as is. You can buy as few as a single coffee mug and it should ship within 24 hours. If you're interested, there are more Monterrey "Made In..." gifts and other Monterrey mugs available.

Morphing Mug

A truly unique mug. When itís cold, itís just a simple black mug. When you add any hot beverage (water, tea, coffee, etc.), your mug turns white and the image comes to life in vibrant colors. 11 oz. Hand wash only. Imported.

Product Id: 1681785275a6091
Made on 12/26/2009 10:05pm